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Hearing Aid Evaluation & Fitting


Hearing Aid Evaluation and Selection

During a hearing aid evaluation, you will meet with one of our Audiologists who will review your hearing loss with you. We will have you describe to us what situations are the most difficult in which to hear well. Likewise, we will discuss the times and locations that are most critical for you to have optimal hearing. We will discuss with you the different styles of hearing aids available, the different levels of technology, and what you should expect from hearing aids. We will work with you on finding the best option for your comfort and lifestyle. Custom impressions may be taken of your ears, depending on the style of hearing aid chosen. 

Hearing Aid Fitting and Trial Period

When you are fitted with your hearing aids, our Audiologists will initially program the hearing aids based on the results of your hearing test. We may also make adjustments, using the computer, based on your first impression of how the hearing aids sound. This is just a starting point for you to try the hearing aids for the first week or two. After the first week or two, we will have you come back to give us feedback on how well you can hear in your normal surroundings. 

Adjustments will be made based on the experiences that you have. It is important that you wear your hearing aids every day and to remember that many adjustments can be made to optimize your hearing aids to your listening environments. We will schedule as many follow-up appointments as necessary to ensure you are comfortable with your new hearing aids. These visits are included in the cost of your hearing aids.

Please remember that when you get new hearing aids, you need to allow your brain to make adjustments as well. Most people go many years without hearing sounds properly and our brains forget what everything sounds like. We also forget how noisy our world is. This adjustment process can take several weeks, and in some cases several months.

Counseling on the use and care of your hearing aids

Our Audiologists will work with you at the initial fitting of your hearing aids and during the trial period to ensure you are comfortable with the use and care of your devices. They are available to help you with problems you may be having with your hearing aids. They can also spend time with you and discuss ways to make listening with hearing aids easier in your day-to-day life. Family members are welcome and encouraged to come with you and learn about your hearing aids.

Live Speech Mapping

Live Speech Mapping is a fitting process that uses probe microphones and live real-time speech to allow the patient and their family members to immediately see and understand the benefits of hearing aids and fitting adjustments. This is typically performed sometime during the 60 day trial period.

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