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Earwax normally protects your ear from water, infection, and debris. If your earwax builds up and blocks your ear, you need to talk with the specialists at Advantage ENT about earwax removal. Their board-certified physicians use specialized techniques to gently and safely eliminate excess earwax. To learn more about earwax removal, request an appointment online or call one of the offices in Arvada, the northern part of Westminster, or Wheat Ridge, Colorado, today.

Ear Wax Removal Q & A

What is earwax?

Glands located in your ear canal produce earwax, which is also called cerumen. This wax-like substance performs essential duties. 

Earwax cleans and lubricates your ears and helps prevent infections. The waxy substance also protects your ears from water and foreign objects.

Earwax typically moves through your ear canal, collecting dirt and debris and slowly carrying it out of your ear. Every time you chew, the jaw motion helps move the wax until it reaches the opening of the canal, dries, and falls out of your ear.

When do I need earwax removal?

Sometimes ear wax builds up in your ear canal, a problem called impacted ear wax. This problem often happens when you produce too much cerumen or when it doesn’t leave your ear due to a blockage. 

You can also end up with impacted earwax if you use cotton swabs and accidentally push the wax back into the ear canal. No matter what causes your earwax buildup, you need earwax removal to eliminate the problem.

What symptoms indicate I need earwax removal?

As earwax accumulates in your ear, you can experience symptoms such as:

  • Earache
  • Plugged ear
  • Hearing loss
  • Tinnitus (ringing and other noises in your ear)
  • Itching in your ear
  • Cough

Some people may feel dizzy or develop an ear infection.

What happens during earwax removal?

Though some people attempt to treat their own earwax, it’s best to let the Advantage ENT specialists take care of the problem. Many people end up damaging their eardrums when they try to remove earwax on their own.

If your wax buildup is mild, you may only need ear drops that soften the wax and help it break down. For more severely impacted earwax, the Advantage ENT team uses specialized instruments and techniques to remove earwax comfortably.

You may need preventive care or routine appointments if you have recurring episodes of impacted earwax. To learn if you need earwax removal, call Advantage ENT or request an appointment online today.


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