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Hearing aids that don't fit correctly can affect your ability to hear clearly and may cause problems like a whistling sound called feedback. If you'd like a solution for these problems, the Advantage ENT team can help with custom earmolds. At their offices in Arvada, the northern part of Westminster, and Wheat Ridge, Colorado, the audiology team provides expert custom earmold fitting for people who require hearing protection as well as hearing aid wearers. To benefit from their expertise in fitting earmolds, call the Advantage ENT office nearest you or request an appointment online today.

Earmolds Q & A

What are earmolds?

Earmolds are custom-made products that you can use with your hearing aids — for recreational use, or for hearing protection.

Earmolds could be plastic or silicone and usually have tiny air vents that allow the air to flow. A hearing aid earmold may be a full-shell size (large), half-shell size (medium), or canal size (small).

The type of earmold needed depends on the nature of your hearing loss, the shape of your ear, and your personal preference. Earmolds can be better than dome-style ear pieces — which aren't custom fit — if you have problems hearing at low frequencies or across all frequencies.

Earmolds fit snugly inside your ear and stop amplified sound from creating a feedback loop. A feedback loop happens when sound travels back outside your ear canal and is picked up by the microphones on the hearing aid, causing a high-pitched whistling noise.

How are earmolds made?

To make your custom earmold, your provider at Advantage ENT takes a cast of your ear using a soft molding compound.

This compound shapes itself to the exact contours of your ear, creating a template for making the actual earmold.

The casting process is painless and only takes a few minutes. The mold goes off for the manufacturing stage, and you return to Advantage ENT when your new earmolds are ready.

Sometimes earmolds need a slight adjustment when you go to collect them to make sure they fit perfectly. You should also have an annual checkup to make sure your ear shape hasn't changed, and your earmolds still fit correctly.

What other uses do earmolds have?

Custom earmolds can be invaluable for protecting your hearing if you work in a noisy environment or your leisure activities expose you to excessive noise. Examples of people who would benefit from using earmolds for hearing protection include:

  • Musicians
  • Race car drivers
  • Football players
  • Hunters
  • Dentistry professionals
  • People who work with firearms

If you're in a noisy environment, for example attending a fireworks display or live music event, earmolds can prevent you from damaging your hearing while still allowing you to enjoy the occasion.

You can also get earmolds that stop water from getting into your ears when you're swimming or taking a shower.

If you think custom earmolds could improve your hearing or protect your ears, the Advantage ENT team can help you find the right product. Call their office or request an appointment online today.