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Damage to your inner ear from loud noises can accumulate over the years, causing hearing loss and ringing in your ears (tinnitus). If you're exposed to loud noise regularly, the Advantage ENT team can help with their custom hearing protection. At their offices in Arvada, the northern part of Westminster, and Wheat Ridge, Colorado, the audiology team provides expert hearing protection services for hunters, musicians, swimmers, and many others. To benefit from their expertise in hearing protection, call the Advantage ENT office nearest you or request an appointment online today.

Hearing Protection Q & A

Why would I need hearing protection?

Everyone should protect their hearing to prevent problems like tinnitus (persistent ringing in your ears) and hearing loss in the future.

Exposure to loud noises in your working environment or playing music at high volume can damage your ears over time. Once this damage occurs, there's no way of reversing it, so prevention is the only answer.

Advantage ENT offers expert assistance with the selection and fitting of hearing protection devices to help you avoid noise-related ear damage.

What kind of hearing protection do I need?

There are many different types of hearing protection available, each suited to a specific kind of environment. Some of the hearing protection devices Advantage ENT supplies include:

Hunting earplugs

Hunting earplugs offer hearing protection for anyone who hunts, shoots recreationally, or uses firearms in their job. They're also effective in any situation where you might suffer exposure to sudden, loud noises. These earplugs have a filter in them that closes as soon as noise reaches a harmful level.

Musician earplugs

Musician earplugs provide hearing protection for musicians and anyone who attends live music performances. They're also popular with staff in the catering trades and dentistry. When you wear musician earplugs, you can choose from several levels of sound reduction such as 9, 15, or 25 decibels, enabling you to hear and communicate accurately but preventing excessive noise.

Swim plugs

Swim plugs offer general hearing protection and are ideal for use in the swimming pool or shower. They're excellent if you have a perforated eardrum or ear tubes, or for anyone who dislikes getting water in their ears. Swim plugs also float, so you won't lose them if they come out.

How do I make sure my hearing protection fits properly?

A good fit is important when using hearing protection to ensure the earplugs are effective and comfortable. Advantage ENT offers custom made devices and thorough follow-up care to ensure that your hearing protection fits your ears and needs perfectly.

It is also possible to get custom hearing protection with filters or vents to enable you to communicate while cutting out most of the background noise. Custom hearing protection is ideal for construction workers, dental hygienists, heavy equipment operators, and sports enthusiasts.

For more information about options for hearing protection or to get custom earbuds, contact the team at Advantage ENT. Call their office or request an appointment online today.