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The persistent ringing sounds in your ears typical of tinnitus may be due to trauma or an underlying disease — either way, it's a challenging condition to endure. If you have tinnitus, the team at Advantage ENT can help. At their offices in Arvada, the northern part of Westminster, and Wheat Ridge, Colorado, the board-certified otolaryngologists offer expert diagnosis and tinnitus treatment. Find out how to deal with your tinnitus by calling the Advantage ENT office nearest you or book an appointment online today.

Tinnitus Q & A

What is tinnitus?

Tinnitus is a ringing or other persistent sound in your ears that isn't coming from an external source. The noise may be constant or occasional. There are many causes of tinnitus, and it’s usually caused by an underlying problem. Common causes of tinnitus include:

  • Ear trauma (a blow, fall, or auto accident)
  • Exposure to loud noises like construction work
  • Untreated, recurrent ear infections
  • Listening to loud music or noise for a prolonged period
  • Head or neck injuries

There are different types of tinnitus. Subjective tinnitus is where you can hear sounds, but no one else can. If you have objective tinnitus, it means your provider at Advantage ENT can also hear the sound if they listen closely.

Tinnitus is typically steady and constant, however, tinnitus can pulse or have a whooshing sound such as with your heartbeat. This is called pulsatile tinnitus and is a condition that should be evaluated by the providers.

What sounds might I hear if I have tinnitus?

Tinnitus sounds take many forms and may be low-pitched or high-pitched. In addition to ringing in the ears, other common types of sounds patients with tinnitus experience include:

  • Humming
  • Buzzing
  • Cricket chirping
  • Whistling
  • Hissing
  • Crackling
  • Thumping

The Advantage ENT team understands that tinnitus is unique to each individual. Their Doctors of Audiology work with you to develop an individualized treatment plan that addresses how tinnitus impacts your life.

Before starting treatment, you need to undergo an evaluation. Your ear specialist at Advantage ENT performs a physical exam of your ears, neck, and head to ensure there are no apparent injuries, followed by a CT or MRI scan in some cases to check for underlying causes.

They might also carry out a test called an audiogram to check your hearing.

What treatments can help with tinnitus?

The most effective treatment for your tinnitus depends on what's causing it. Possible therapies include:

  • Treatment of underlying hearing loss with hearing aids
  • Utilization of tinnitus masking techniques
  • White noise (e.g., a fan or humidifier) for distraction
  • Stress reduction
  • Biofeedback
  • Avoiding caffeine and aspirin

If you need help with tinnitus, the caring ear specialists at Advantage ENT are ready to help. Call the office nearest you to schedule a consultation or request an appointment online today.


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