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Having problems with your voice can be frustrating and disorienting, not to mention the underlying issue may be painful. If you're having voice issues, the team at Advantage ENT can help. At their offices in Arvada, the northern part of Westminster, and Wheat Ridge, Colorado, the board-certified otolaryngologists offer expert diagnosis and treatment for a comprehensive range of voice issues, including vocal cord nodules and paralysis. To benefit from their expertise and regain your voice, call the Advantage ENT office nearest you or request an appointment online today.

Voice Issues Q & A

What are voice issues?

Voice issues result from problems affecting your vocal cords. Your vocal cords are bands of flexible muscle tissue at the entrance of your trachea (windpipe), which vibrate to create the sound of your voice.

The vibration happens when air moves through your larynx (voice box), bringing the vocal cords closer together. If your vocal cords can't work properly, you may develop voice issues.

What types of voice issues are there?

Some common voice issues include:

  • Laryngitis
  • Vocal cord paralysis or weakness
  • Polyps, nodules, or cysts on your vocal cords
  • Muscle tension dysphonia
  • Spasmodic dysphonia and other neurological voice disorders
  • Precancerous and cancerous lesions
  • White patches (leukoplakia)

Many factors can affect the development of voice issues, from screaming, smoking, and stress, to upper respiratory tract infections and thyroid disease.

How are voice issues diagnosed?

Your provider at Advantage ENT begins the diagnostic process by talking over your symptoms with you and looking at your medical history. Next, they look at your vocal cords using a long, angled mirror that they put in your mouth.

If they need to see more, your provider applies an anesthetic spray to your throat so they can examine it more closely using a laryngoscope or a video stroboscope.

The Advantage ENT team might recommend other specialized tests to diagnose your voice issues. These tests may include acoustic analysis to measure irregularities in the sounds from your vocal cords and laryngeal electromyography to measure the electrical currents in the muscles of your larynx.

What treatment might I need for voice issues?

For some voice issues, rest and drinking fluids might be all you need to enable your vocal cords to heal. Other measures that could help with your voice issues include:

  • Allergy treatment
  • Quitting smoking
  • Anti-inflammatory medication
  • Antacids or acid-suppressing medication
  • Medications to prevent blood vessel regrowth
  • Botox┬« injections

If you have noncancerous lesions such as polyps, nodules, or cysts on your vocal cords, the Advantage ENT team might remove them surgically. They may use microsurgery, carbon dioxide laser surgery, or other laser treatments.

If the reason for your voice issue is vocal cord paralysis, bulking up the affected tissue can be of benefit. Injectable substances that can add bulk include body fat, collagen, or an approved filler like hyaluronic gel. Another option is thyroplasty, where your provider inserts an implant into the tissues of your larynx.

To find the cause of your voice issues and get your voice back to normal, call Advantage ENT or request an appointment online today.